We lay emphasis on efficiency and speed. We cannot promise what we cannot ultimately deliver.

 Our services

We are universally recognised as having a pre-eminent expertise in the UK Immigration law.  We cover every aspect of the UK immigration law from simple Home office representation to Court of Appeal. We offer Same Day Service and one off consultation. We also undertake human rights and criminal defence work.

Specialist Areas

– Tribunal representation up to Court of Appeal
– Police Station representation
– Sea and Airport representation
– Judicial Review representation
– Revocation of Deportation order representation
– Immigration Bail application
– EEA /dependent Residence permits application
– UK marriage application
– Student visa application /extension
– Visitors visa application /extension
– Work permit application / extension
– Entry clearance as spouse / dependent application
– Indefinite leave to remain
– Switching visa application
– Citizenship application
– Lesbian and Gay application
– Proposed Civil Partner application
– Asylum / Humanitarian application
– Domestic worker application
– Victim of Domestic Violence application
– Bereaved Partner / spouse application
– Long Residence application
– Private and Family life application
– Discretionary Leave application
– Returning Residence application
– Entry Clearance – UK Ancestry application
– Entry Clearance for Tier 1 / switching / extension
– Entry Clearance Tier 2 / switching / extension
– Entry Clearance for Tier 5 / switching / extension (Government Authorised Exchange and Youth Mobility Scheme and – International Agreement)

We also undertake other aspect of immigration of work.
– Passport & Travel Document application
– Sponsorship Licence application
– Subject Access Request
– TOC application
– NTL application
– One off consultation
– Commissioner for Oaths

Criminal defence
We undertake all aspect of criminal defence
– Murder
– Theft
– Fraud
– Burglary

Other Services
– Settlement Agreements
– Power of Attorney
– Partnership Agreements
– Prenuptual Agreements
– Business Agreements
– Certification of Documents
– Witness Documents
– Statutory Declarations
– Parental Consent Agreements
– Tenancy Agreements
– Lease Ageements
– Change of Name Deeds