Fee Schedule

Fixed Fee Schedule

This schedule lists our fees for all Immigration advice and Services we are registered to provide to our clients. We charge fixed fee only.

Home Office/Embassy application fee changes periodically, and we will advise you of the correct Home Office/Embassy application fee at the time we submit your application.

Once you have instructed us to act on your behalf we will request a 50% deposit of our stated fee, unless alternative arrangements for payment have been agreed in order to proceed with your application. Should you wish to have an initial consultation before proceeding to assess the merits of your application we will charge you a fixed fee of £100.00 for a 1 hour consultation.

Our fees include the following work completed on your behalf:

  • Attendance with you to take your instructions throughout your case
  • All written correspondence
  • All telephone calls
  • Research, preparation and submission of the application and relevant supporting documents
  • Photocopies and postage

Our fees does not include additional costs, also referred to as ‘disbursements’. Disbursements include, for example, Home Office application fees, Embassy fees, interpreter and translation fees, or fees to obtain a medical or other expert report. No VAT is charged on the stated fees.

Application Fees/2019
Entry Clearance Applications
Spouse/ unmarried/ fiancé(e) £1000.00
Same sex/ Civil Partnership £1000.00
Visitor £1000.00
Business visas £1500.00
Dependent children under 18 years old £1500.00
Settlement Applications £1500.00
Domestic Workers £1000.00
Dependent Relatives £1200.00
Sports/Entertainment £1500.00
Tier 2-main applicant £1500.00
Tier 2-per dependent £500.00
Tier 4 (Students) £1000.00
Tier 5 (all applications) £1000.00
Immigration Appeals
All in country appeals inclusive of Barrister’s fees £1500.00
Entry Clearance Appeals £1500.00
Reconsideration Hearings (preparation) £1000.00
Deportation Appeals £2500.00
Long Residence
Indefinite Leave to remain – 10 years £1500.00
Immigration Detention
Temporary Admission/CIO bail at Airport £1000.00
Temporary Admission/CIO bail at Detention Centre £1000.00
Application for bail at the Tribunal + Advocacy £1500.00
Regularising Applications
Over stayers/Human Rights Application £1500.00
Long Residence – Private/Family Life £1500.00
Children’s application – Private/Family Life £1500.00
Naturalisation as British Citizen £1000.00
Children – British Citizenship £1000.00
In-Country Application
FLR (FP) applications (Partner or Parent Life) £1500.00
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Work categories) £1500.00
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Family applications) £1500.00
Entrepreneur/Graduate Entrepreneur visa £3000.00
Investor visa £2500.00
Tier 2/Tier 4 (Sponsor License application) £2000.00
Tier 1 Extensions/Tier 2 (Work Permit) £1500.00
Tier 4 (Students) £1000.00
Tier 5 (All Categories) £1000.00
EEA/European Union Application
Ankara Agreement £1000.00
EEA2 £1000.00
Indefinite Leave to Remain £1500.00


Same day ‘Premium’ service – Additional Fees to the Fees Charged above

We currently offer the Representative same day service for the Public Enquiry Offices (PEO). Our fees are inclusive of travel costs and dependent applications.

a. £500.00 – Complete preparation of the application including dependent applications and attendance at the PEO.